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The Problem?

The struggle is real; every year the same old situation, you get invited to join a Fantasy Football league which at the time is exciting, but after the first few weeks, everyone has the same team, so you start to lose interest. Then, like every year, you give up only to pick it back up in January when you vow to 'take it seriously' next year.


The Solution

Rather than stressing over budgets & players all while trying to find a unique but high scoring team, get involved with TeamToWin, the Fantasy Football alternative. Fantasy Football has provided entertainment for so many years but now is your chance to mix it up.

Each week, simply pick a TeamToWin. Sounds easy right? Well, it is but what if we told you that you could only pick each team twice through the season? With careful planning, risk taking and maybe even little bit of luck you could be crowned the ultimate Fantasy Football champion.

We know there are a number of Fantasy Football alternatives but we (obviously) think TeamToWin is the one you've been looking for.


Sounds great, I'm in!

We thought you would be, what's not to love? It's quick and easy to get going with TeamToWin, just register, create a league and invite your mates, simples!

Put the fun back into Fantasy Football and join TeamToWin today.

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Put the fun back into Fantasy Football with TeamToWin
the simple Fantasy Football Alternative
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Who are TeamToWin?

Great question! Well, the site was created by two brothers (and a few of their mates) to bring some life back to Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football can become mundane, boring and samey. We created TeamToWin to make Fantasy Football fun again.

We're all busy people and working out lineups, injured players, budgets and captains takes more time than it should. With TeamToWin, you just select the team you think will do you proud that week. Some careful planning is needed as you can only pick each team twice through the season; should you back the underdog or play it safe with the favourite?

Are you searching around for Fantasy Football alternatives? Then look no further, you're in the right place. Get started with TeamToWin today and your search for Fantasy Football alternatives will be well and truly over.

Back the underdog or play it safe?
Will you be crowned champion?
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